Ockbrook Classes

RisleyThe following classes are offered at our Ockbrook branch, which is located at:

Ockbrook Parish Hall
Church Street
DE72 3SL

Butterfly & Dragonfly Ballet

Suitable for children aged 3-5 years of age.

Our Butterfly and Dragon Fly Ballet Classes (for boys and girls) are aimed at children aged 3 to 5 years of age. Each week children begin to learn the basics of ballet as well as continuing to develop posture and coordination of motor skills. The school follow the International Dance Teachers Association (IDTA) syllabus where children have the opportunity to work towards examinations and medals (it is however not compulsory and children are more than welcome to just participate and move up to the next level without assessments taking place). Alongside learning the IDTA syllabus children will also participate in other ballet class exercises and activities designed by the Teachers to help build imagination, creativity and social skills.

Preparatory and Primary Tap

Suitable for children aged 4 years and above.

Our Preparatory Tap class is a beginners Tap Dance course which teaches pupils the basics of Tap. The class follows the International Dance Teacher’s Association (IDTA) syllabus as well as free creative work which complements the vocational training. Pupils have the opportunity to work towards examinations should they wish and to perform in community dance shows and festivals to help develop confidence and presentation skills.

Grade 2Senior Ballet

For pupils aged 12 years and above with no previous Ballet training.

This class is aimed at older pupils who have never has the opportunity to study Classical Ballet before as it teaches the basic principals in a sophisticated way to engage the older pupil. This class is recommended for pupils planning on studying or are already studying GCSE Dance who would like to develop and build on their Dance Technique skills. This class allows pupils to work towards a range of examinations and live performances and dance festivals.

Classical Ballet Curriculum for children aged 3-21 years of age.

Our Classical Ballet Curriculum is something for everyone, from the tiny 3 year old starting out on their Dance Journey to the older, teenage dancer keen to explore the art form as a possible career. There really is something for everyone with an interest in learning Classical Ballet.

Our timetable is available upon request however here is a guide to how the classes progress through the IDTA Examination Board:

– Butterfly/Dragonfly Ballet for pupils ages 3-5 years of age. (Year 1)

– Butterfly/Dragonfly Ballet Year 2

– Preparatory Ballet

– Primary Ballet (Juvenile Award)

– Primary Plus (Preliminary and Graded Examination)

– Grade One (Preliminary if not taken and Graded Examination)

– Grade Two (Bronze Medal and Graded Examination)

– Grade Three (Bronze Medal if not taken and Graded Examination)

– Grade Four (Silver Medal and Graded Examination)

– Grade Five (Gold Medal and Graded Examination)

– Classical Award for pupils under 16 years of age or Intermediate part one if aged 16 years and above. There is also the Gold Bar award to work towards for the ambitious Ballerina and Dancer.

For more information and availability please contact Miss Jackie (Senior Ballet Teacher and Principal) for advice and guidance on the best class for your child.